UUM Islamic Business School (UUM IBS) was established as a school in UUM College Of Business (UUM COB), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM ) to continuously provide innovative and effective business management related to Muamalat, Islamic finance, Islamic economics and Islamic management. UUM IBS aims to produce future business leaders with broad Islamic international view, excellent decision making abilities and capable of executing changes for the betterment of business, society, and environment.

UUM IBS is also proud of its position as the first Islamic business school in the region that has a comprehensive pool of lectures in various aspects of Islamic business management such as Shariah advisory, Islamic finance and banking, Islamic economics, Islamic accounting, Islamic entrepreneurship, Islamic human resource management, Islamic management, Islamic marketing, zakat management, baitul mal management, Islamic administration and etc.


Faith. Knowledge. Virtue

The school's core values are aptly embodied in the following five major trusts:-

• Belief
• Trustworthiness
• Leadership
• Professionalism
• Collective


To be an eminent Islamic Business School


To Advance Islamic Business Knowledge and Develop Leaders with Holistic Characteristics to Serve the Global Community