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BIFB Graduate Awarded The INCEIF President's Scholarship


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UUM ONLINE: A student of the Bachelor of Islamic Finance and Banking (BIFB) programme, Ms. Nur Aqilah Nurazizi has been awarded the INCEIF President’s Scholarship worth MYR25 200 which in one fell swoop enabled her to pursue her studies at the Master level in the Practice of Islamic Finance at INCEIF Kuala Lumpur.

The first-class graduate from the UUM Islamic Business School (IBS) was selected by a committee of evaluators from dozens of candidates who applied. Currently studying at INCEIF, she enrolled last January in the January 2021 admission session.

Ms. Nur Aqilah expressed her appreciation and gratitude for being selected.  She also expressed her strong determination to complete her studies within four semesters (18 months of study).

According to her, the learning at INCEIF can be very competitive since INCEIF is the world’s centre of higher learning in the field of Islamic finance.

She said the experience gained while studying at UUM would be able to prepare her to face new challenges while studying at INCEIF.

As a member of Beta Gamma Sigma UUM Bab, Ms Nur Aqilah actively participated in various programmes at international level. Among the conferences and programmes she participated in were the International Youth Empowerment Outreach Visit 2019 in Indonesia, the 2nd Pacific Pacific Leadership Summit in Malaysia and the 7th Asian Cooperative Program, KUIS Global Studies in Japan.

In addition, Nur Aqilah who is also highly active in martial arts also took part in the March Eleven International Championship Cup X Karate-Do Championship in Indonesia. She also won several state-level karate-do tournaments.